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A High Quality, Tuition-Free School. 
Wherever You Roam.

Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona is different. We believe the quality of your child's education should not be determined by where you live or how much you earn. We believe your child deserves a personalized learning experience. And we believe your child should love school, every day.

Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona is a tuition-free public school serving the entire state of Arizona. Students may attend Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona free of charge no matter where in the state they reside.

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Why Online School?

Just starting to consider online school for your child? Here are some excellent resources to help you see if online school is right for your family:

Rigorous Curriculum

Common Core
Mosaica Online's college prep curriculum goes beyond state standards.


You Have Options!
Mosaica Online schools offer students and families flexibility in pacing and location.


Student + Parent Support
Mosaica Online is comitted to providing students and parents daily, hands-on support.