How Online Works

Student Role = Self-Motivated Learner

  • Spends approximately 6.5 hours per school day on the program (timing is flexible)
  • Attends live, virtual classes or watches the recordings of the virtual classes daily
  • Completes assignments (both online and offline) to meet weekly deadlines
  • Communicates with their teacher every day through instant messaging, web-conferencing, online threaded discussions, email and telephone
  • Participates in online discussions, activities, and clubs with other students

Parent/Guardian Role = Hands-On Learning Coach

  • Assists student with logging in to his or her classes each day
  • Talks with student about his or her school work each day to check for progress and understanding
  • Monitors student's grades and teacher comments each week to check for progress
  • Attends virtual Parent Teacher Conferences each semester to discuss the student's work with the teacher
  • Works with the student and the teacher to design a daily school schedule that is convenient for the family

Teacher Role = Full-Time Instructor and Communicator

  • Sets up rules and expectations pertaining to the online course
  • Prepares student work and lessons
  • Provides pacing and schedule of due dates
  • Provides daily instruction
  • Monitors student progress
  • Grades and provides feedback for students
  • Communicates often with administrators, instructional facilitators and parents
  • Serves as a first-responder to student and parent inquiries

Mosaica Advisor Role = Connection Between Student, Parent, Teacher & School

  • Resolves problems that impede student learning
  • Helps students set appropriate goals
  • Works with teachers to maintain a positive learning experience and encourage parent involvement in the student’s education
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for assigned students and parents
  • Monitors attendance and activity for assigned students
  • Monitors grades and sets up Parent/Teacher conferences as needed
  • Helps prepare students for the next level of success (elementary to middle, middle to high, high to college)
  • Completes the Personalized Student Achievement Plan (PSAP) for assigned students
  • Facilitates the delivery of career/college guidance activities
  • Facilitates the delivery of various classroom guidance lessons at the K-5 grade levels

Quick Fact: Support

Enrolling in an online school powered by Mosaica Online means you have multiple layers of support as a family. In addition to your child’s classroom teacher(s), you have a Head of School, certified college counselor, and Mosaica Advisor.