Supplies & Technical Requirements

Ideas for At-Home Learning Spaces

What materials does Mosaica provide?

Mosaica Online provides all curriculum and learning materials for your student’s education. We have partnered with online education providers who are the best in the industry. Daily lessons are drawn from these providers and are tailored to the specific needs of each student. All course materials are delivered online.  In addition to online curriculum and resources, Mosaica Online provides the following materials for our full-time students:

  • Books and workbook (as needed)
  • Hands-on project supplies and consumables

What materials do I need to provide?

Each Mosaica Online family should provide their student(s) with an at-home workspace that has a computer, printer, scanner, desk and comfortable chair. Have fun with your student designing a space that is creative, organized, and comfortable--somewhere he or she will want to spend time each day. Click here for some creative ideas for at-home learning spaces. If the student(s) cannot complete their studies at home, the family is responsible for making arrangements for their student(s) to complete their daily coursework at a nearby library or study space. In addition to a safe and comfortable workspace, students will need basic school supplies including pens, pencils, erasers, etc.

What are the technical requirements for a Mosaica Online student's workspace?

Mosaica Online students will need a high speed Internet connection in order to access the online coursework each day. The parent or guardian of each student is responsible for installing high speed Internet (at least 10 mbps download speed and 1 mbps upload speed) in the home where the student(s) will complete their coursework or for making arrangements for their student(s) to complete their daily coursework at a location that is equipped with free Internet (i.e. a public library). Click here to view a complete list of Mosaica Online technical requirements. Additionally, the student's workspace should be well-lit and have easy access to working electrical outlets to plug in the computer, printer, and scanner.

What if my student needs assistance with the course or has a technical question?

You or your student would contact your student’s primary teacher who will provide assistance. If the issue is not resolved the teacher will escalate the request and you will be contacted by a member of our technical support services staff who will provide further assistance.