Grades 3-5 Program Preview


Students in grades 3‐5 are building upon the foundation laid in the early grades while still developing basic skills in the core academic areas. Students independently complete their activities through our interactive resources in reading, math, and science daily. Our Paragon curriculum, which also integrates math and reading, provides more of a hands-on experience through project-based learning. Students have the opportunity to meet with their teacher and classmates two to three times per week through our web conferencing program. Through these weekly interactions with their peers and teacher, students are able to develop a strong sense of community with each other. A typical day will include the following breakdown of time: 120 minutes of Language Arts, 90 minutes of Math, 90 minutes of Paragon, and 60 minutes of Science.


All curriculum is fully aligned with state and national (Common Core) standards. Students will master benchmarks through an engaging program that addresses the following content areas:

  • Language Arts: Reading and Literature; Writing; Speaking, Listening, and Viewing
  • Math: Number and Operations; Algebra; Geometry and Measurement; Data Analysis and Probability
  • Science: Nature of Science and Engineering; Physical Science; Earth and Space Science; Life Science
  • Social Studies: U.S. History, World History, Geography, Economics and Civics

In addition, students will also receive instruction in the areas of world languages (including Spanish and French).



  • Learning Management System
  • Online Virtual Classroom Virtual manipulatives for reading, writing, math, and science practice
  • Interactive Flash‐based instructional modules Email account for class correspondence


  • Supplemental literature and readings provided according to student progress and need
  • Worksheets for subject area practice
  • Interactive Paragon Binder
  • Supplemental manipulatives for art, music, science, math and social studies activities, as prescribed by grade‐level curriculum needs

Quick Fact: Grade Level Programming

Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona differentiates instruction based on grade level. Lower grades receive more individualized support from teachers while higher grades have the ability to work independently on many assignments.

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