Grades 6-8 Program Preview


All curriculum is fully aligned with state and national (Common Core) standards. Students will master benchmarks through an engaging program that addresses the following content areas:

  • Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • In addition, students have a choice of studying World Language (French or Spanish), Computers, or Health/PE for an elective class.



  • Learning Management System
  • Online classroom
  • Virtual manipulatives for reading, writing, math, and science practice
  • Interactive Flash-based instructional modules
  • Virtual science labs and experiments


  • Supplemental literature and readings provided according to student progress and need
  • Interactive Paragon Binder


Students in grades 6‐8 have subject specific teachers and are expected to check in with each of them daily regarding class progress. In addition to the daily, independent check in, students are required to meet with their teachers as a class for an engaging online, interactive class session in each subject once per week.

Quick Fact: Grade Level Programming

Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona differentiates instruction based on grade level. Lower grades receive more individualized support from teachers while higher grades have the ability to work independently on many assignments.

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