School Community

Our school community is both local and global. Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona is part of the Mosaica Education network of schools - a group of charter, private and online schools in the United States and throughout the world. From California to Michigan, we are working to bring our online community closer with virtual events such as guest speakers, online learning resources, online events such as Paragon Nights, and ongoing relevant blog updates.

As we continue to grow our local families, we want your family to stay connected and continue to enhance your online learning. Stay connected with your local community through our Field Trips and Virtual Guest Speaker Events.

For our current families, we also offer a Referral Benefit to any new student who starts in the 2015-2016 school year. Learn more here.

Getting Social

As our school community grows each year, we offer more and more opportunities for social interaction at the request of parents. This can range from events like in-person Meet Ups to school wide, online events in the form of Paragon Nights or Parent Education opportunities. We aim to tailor these interactions to requests from our families and encourage you to reach out with your ideas. Do you want to start a Parent Association? Meet up for a field trip at the Children's Museum? Follow Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona to begin reaching out to other families and sharing your ideas today!