Referral Program

Children pointing at camera

Please note: Enrollment is now closed for the 2015-2016 school year.

Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona's goal is to create and sustain a flourishing school community with like-minded, dedicated families. Families who believe in children, have high expectations, insist on rigorous academics and value a well-rounded education.

We appreciate your support to spread the word about the great things happening at our school is through you, and we would like to thank you by offering a referral benefit. We offer a referral benefit for our open enrollment periods. At this time, the referral program works as follows:

  • Referral Benefit – for each new student you refer to our school who enrolls for the 15/16 school year by the start of school and remains actively enrolled through 12/1/15, you will receive a $100 VISA GIFT CARD. There is no limit to how many new students you can refer.
  • Eligibility – you must have a child active and in good academic standing at our school by the start of school through 12/1/15 to qualify for the gift card.
  • To refer a friend, use this form or call us at 602-282-0240.