Five Reasons to Consider Online Education

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Interested in online education at the K-12 level? Just starting to research your options for virtual schools? Understanding of the benefits of online school is a great place to start!

Here are five key reasons to consider online education for grades K-12:

#1) Flexibility. Along with schooling at your child’s pace─and being wholly compatible with homeschooling─an online education can be catered to your family’s daily schedule. Study time can be determined by your child’s personal and academic needs rather than a school's calendar. Some virtual schools enable students to make up courses or even allow enrollment for supplemental help or credit while still attending their regular school. In addition, the lack of a daily commute, food and dress requirements saves time and money.

#2) Safety. Online education provides a safe learning environment for your child. Troubled students, in particular, can benefit from such an education given the physical lack of negative peer groups, bullying and similar learning distractions.

#3) Global Access. Online education provides your child access to programs not available locally. This is especially relevant in rural or disadvantaged areas where high quality educational programs may not be accessible. A K-12 online school gives your child the ability to benefit from an elite or college preparatory online program they otherwise might not access.

#4) Diversity. Similar to brick and mortar schools, virtual schools are diverse. Online schools in Colorado can be private, public, charter or university-sponsored; free or tuition-based; regionally or nationally accredited; and offer high school diplomas, certifications or other relevant degrees. Online education offers a wide variety of educational solutions to consider when choosing the best fit for your child.

#5) Higher Education. Effective virtual schools offer rigorous and engaging college preparatory curriculum as well as numerous opportunities for intensive study and Advanced Placement (AP®) coursework in selected areas of interest.

Keep these benefits of online education in mind when deciding if virtual school is right for your child.

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Quick Fact: Online Education

Online education is growing year over year and is offering students and their families an alternative to traditional learning environments. Many students have higher rates of academic progress in online programs because they are able to work at their own pace without distractions.