Benefits for Homeschool Families

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A Comprehensive Resource for Homeschool Families

Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona is an excellent base program for Arizona homeschool families--especially those looking for support with instruction in some or all subject areas. Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona provides a comprehensive, college prep curriculum free of charge, which homeschool parents can customize to fit their family's needs and beliefs.

One of the most difficult and costly parts of starting to homeschool is assembling a curriculum--researching your options, attending homeschool conferences, deciding which materials to use--it can all be very overwhelming. Many homeschool families love the simplicity of Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona, which packages the best curriculum from several publishers, along with Mosaica's curriculum, all in one, easy to use, online portal. And best of all, it's 100% free for the family!

Once the family enrolls at Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona, the homeschool parent(s) are free to review the full online program and customize the instruction to meet their family's needs and beliefs. Homeschool parents can choose to participate actively in the live class sessions with their children or to use the recorded class sessions as a supplement while they manage the instruction.

Online Homeschool Advantages:

  • Curriculum is chosen from the best homeschool curriculum providers (research and comparison burden is lifted from parents)
  • No out-of-pocket expense for curriculum
  • State required record keeping is done by the school for homeschool children
  • Mosaica Online is fully accredited and your child will receive a recognized, high school diploma
  • Both parents can easily monitor their child’s progress
  • Mosaica provides free tutoring for students
  • Parents can still incorporate their own faith based curriculum; Mosaica supports parents with discussion guides
  • Students will be taught using state-of-the-art technology that will prepare them for the world ahead
  • Homeschool students can also purchase single or multiple classes