Multiple Layers of Support

Students working on laptops

Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona students (and their families) receive a high level of support and an array of services designed to make their transition into online education more seamless and to ensure their continued success in the program.

Because our online school operates similarly to a traditional school, support is provided by the Head of School, the Mosaica Advisor, the Guidance Counselor and the Classroom Teacher in the following ways:

Head of School Role = Overarching Support

  • Guides family through the enrollment process
  • Supports family with orientation, receiving supplies, etc. in advance of their first school year
  • Faciliates parent and students conferences regarding serious issues
  • Discusses concerns, questions and comments with both students and parents at any time

Mosaica Advisor Role = Connection Between Student, Parent, Teacher & School

  • Resolves problems that impede student learning
  • Helps students set appropriate goals
  • Works with teachers to maintain a positive learning experience and encourage parent involvement in the student’s education
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for assigned students and parents
  • Monitors attendance and activity for assigned students
  • Monitors grades and sets up Parent/Teacher conferences as needed
  • Helps prepare students for the next level of success (elementary to middle, middle to high, high to college)
  • Completes the Personalized Student Achievement Plan (PSAP) for assigned students
  • Facilitates the delivery of career/college guidance activities
  • Facilitates the delivery of various classroom guidance lessons at the K-5 grade levels

Guidance Counselor Role = Student Services Coordinator

  • Manages all Student Services
  • Facilitates individual counseling, family meetings, and the online Guidance & Counseling Center
  • Facilitates one-on-one meetings with students to discuss progress toward graduation
  • Facilitates monthly, grade-specific guidance lessons for each student based upon the School Counseling Standards

Teacher Role = Full-Time Instructor and Communicator

  • Sets up rules and expectations pertaining to the online course
  • Prepares student work and lessons
  • Provides pacing and schedule of due dates
  • Provides daily instruction
  • Monitors student progress
  • Grades and provides feedback for students
  • Communicates often with administrators, instructional facilitators and parents
  • Serves as a first-responder to student and parent inquiries

Quick Fact: Student Support

Mosaica Online Academy of Arizona classes may be online, but they are taught by real-life teachers who are committed to developing a real-life relationship with you and your child. Our teachers will always return your calls, emails, Skype chats. etc. within 24 hours on school days. And you can rest assured your child's grades will always be posted within 72 hours.