Why Mosaica Online?

Rigorous Curriculum + Flexibility + Support

Mosaica Online schools are different. We believe the quality of your child's education should not be determined by where you live or how much you earn. We believe your child deserves a personalized learning experience. And we believe your child should love school, every day.

Why do families choose Mosaica Online?

  • K-12 online solution
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Award-winning, college prep curriculum
  • Multiple pacing options
  • Licensed, qualified teachers
  • 100% At-home instruction
  • Blend of online and hands-on learning
  • Accredited Mosaica model
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Quick Fact: Mosaica Mission

Since our founding in 1997, we’ve had one mission at Mosaica Education—empowering students to learn and achieve—every child, every day. With the founding of Mosaica Online in 2009, Mosaica’s reach expanded to students around the world who needed an alternative to the traditional school model.